Note: The Fisherman Claims Appeal Board (Trawl Ban) had completed the processing of all appeal cases and other related matters, and was disbanded on 31 March 2023.

Boards and Committees

Fishermen Claims Appeal Board (Trawl Ban) ("FCAB")

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The ban of trawling in Hong Kong waters, under statute, has come into operation on December 31, 2012. Under a one-off assistance package approved by the Legislative Council Finance Committee on June 10, 2011, an ex-gratia allowance (EGA) is payable to eligible trawler owners affected by the trawl ban, and a one-off grant is payable to each eligible local deckhand employed by the affected inshore trawler owners who voluntarily surrender their vessels under a buyout scheme offered by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department or dispose of their vessels through other means.

An Inter-departmental Working Group (IWG) has been set up by the Government to handle matters relating to applications received from parties affected by the trawl ban. Applicants who are not satisfied with the decisions of the IWG on the aforementioned EGA or one-off grant may lodge appeals to the FCAB, which is a non-statutory body formed on an administrative basis for handling the relevant appeal cases.

A. Terms of Reference

With reference to the EGA and one-off grant under the one-off assistance package approved by the Finance Committee on June 10, 2011, the terms of reference of the FCAB are:

B. Membership

Chairmen : Mr Chan Bo-ching
Mrs Peggy Cheung Po-yee, JP
Mr Johnny Fee Chung-ming, JP
Ms Tennessy Hui Mei-sheung, MH, JP
Mr Kenneth Ma Kwok-keung
Ms Anita Ma Wing-tseung
Mr Andrew Mak Yip-shing, BBS, JP
Mr Erik Shum Sze-man
Mr Anthony Siu Yat-fung
Mr Vincent To Wai-keung, BBS
Ms Judy Tong Kei-yuk
Mr Charles Wong Tuk-ching
Mr Yeung Ming-tai, MH
Members : Mr Romeo Au Pak-ching, JP
Ms Catherine Au Sin-lun
Miss Grace Au Wing-yan
Mr Chan Chi-wing
Mr Nicholas Chan Hiu-fung, MH
Dr Jonathan Chan Ming-yin
Miss Nancy Chan
Mr Chan Wai-chung, MH
Mr Chan Wan-po
Mr Andrew Chan Weng-Yew
Dr Sammy Chan Yin-nin
Miss Chen Ning-ning, BBS, JP
Dr Chiu Man-ying
Mr Chow Chun-keung
Ms Alice Chow Kin-tak
Professor Chu Ka-hou
Dr Chung Shan-shan
Mr Alec Ho Yat-wan
Mr Frederick Hui Cheuk-kit
Miss Cindi Hui Ming-ming
Mr Samuel Hui Siu-chor
Ms Ip Fong-sin
Mr Terry Kan Wing-fai
Mr James Kong Tze-wing, MH, JP
Miss Athena Kung Ching-yee
Ms Lam May-lin
Ms Pearl Lam Po-ling
Mr Law Chi-yuen, MH
Dr Lee Chui-ping
Mr William Lee Ka-chung, JP
Miss Emba Leung Wun-man
Dr Benny Lo Kwan-ching
Mr Wilkie Lo Wai-kei
Mr Mak Shu-lun
Mr Michael Ngai Ming-tak
Ms Ngai Yuet-ping
Dr Paul Shin Kam-shing, MH
Mr Shum Hon-wo
Ms Miranda So Man-wah
Mr Soo Kwok-leung
Miss Alice To Kar-wing
Dr Anthony Tyen Kan-hee
Miss Barbara Wong
Mr Wong King
Ms Cleresa Wong Pie-yue
Miss Wendy Wong Shuk-wan
Hon Yung Hoi-yan, JP

C. Latest information

Deadline for filing appeals to the Fishermen Claims Appeal Board extended (28 January 2013)

Additional Appointments to Fishermen Claims Appeal Board (Trawl Ban) (27 June 2013)

Supplementary Information Note, LegCo Panel on Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene PDF (9 January 2014)

Fishermen Claims Appeal Board starts appeal handling procedure (9 January 2014)

Terms of reference of Fishermen Claims Appeal Board for Trawl Ban revised (22 December 2014)

Additional Appointments to Fishermen Claims Appeal Board (Trawl Ban) (6 October 2015)

Additional Appointments to Fishermen Claims Appeal Board (Trawl Ban) (10 April 2017)

D. Decisions

E. Secretariat   [Note: The FCAB Secretariat ceased to function on 31 March 2023]  

For further information about FCAB, please contact the FCAB Secretariat

Telephone No. : 3427 3698
Faxline No. : 2102 2484
Address : 9/F, Rumsey Street Multi-storey Carpark Building, 2 Rumsey Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
4 April 2023