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Less-Salt-and-Sugar Restaurants Scheme

Salt and Sugar Reduction

The Less-Salt-and-Sugar Restaurants Scheme (the Scheme) was launched in early 2019 to encourage restaurants to provide less-salt-and-sugar dishes and options to customers. At present, 1000 plus restaurants, fast food shops and teahouses across the territory have participated in the Scheme, providing tailor-made less-salt-and-sugar dishes or options, giving the public more healthy choices when dining out.

The list of participating restaurants, fast food shops and teahouses is as follows:

(a) Restaurants offering tailor-made less-salt-and-sugar dishes
(b) Restaurants offering less-salt-and-sugar options

Videos of Less-Salt-and-Sugar Restaurants

How to join the Scheme

It is hoped that more restaurants, fast food shops and teahouses will join the Scheme by providing less salt and/or less sugar tailor-made dishes or options to customers, so that we can work jointly to promote a less-salt-and-sugar dietary culture and assist Hong Kong people to practice healthy eating lifestyle.

For more details about the Less-Salt-and-Sugar Restaurants Scheme, please refer to the following document. For any enquiries, please contact Mr Ng of the Committee Secretariat at 3509 7695 or jwtng@eeb.gov.hk.


LSS restaurants scheme

13 Sep 2019