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iconReduction of Salt and Sugar in Food


Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food
Information on Salt and Sugar Reduction
Reduction of Dietary Sodium and Sugar Thematic Page
Less-Salt-and-Sugar (LSS) School Roving Exhibition
Salt Reduction Scheme for School Lunches
StartSmart at School.HK Campaign
Online Resources and Teaching Materials
Less-Salt-and-Sugar Recipes
Less-Salt-and-Sugar School Lunch Box Cooking Competition
Hong Kong's Action on Salt and Sugar Reduction
Less Sugar Friday
Less-Salt-and-Sugar Restaurants Scheme
"Salt/Sugar" Label Scheme for Prepackaged Food Products
Product Reformulation in Prepackaged Food Products
HKASSR Facebook Page
HKASSR Instagram Page
CRSS Youtube Channel
Health Adventure of Less Salt and Sugar
Generation Less Vlogs
LSS Restaurant Vlogs
Documentary short films on Salt and Sugar Reduction
Less-Salt-and-Sugar Cooking Videos
Other Less-Salt-and-Sugar Videos
Less-Salt-and-Sugar Cartoons and Games
20 July 2023