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Less-Salt-and-Sugar Cooking Videos

Selected LSS dishes - Cooking Videos

LSS Dish - Fresh Pineapple with Pork Ribs


LSS Dish - Avocado Cheese Tomato Salmon Pizza


LSS Dish - Sichuan Spicy Chicken Bun


LSS Dish - Scallop with EggWhite


LSS Dish - Steamed Egg with Clams


LSS Dish – Dry Lily bulbs and Cha Cha Sweet Soup


LSS Dish – Orange-balsamic Glazed Chicken Sandwich


LSS Dish - Chocolate Tofu and Banana Pudding


LSS Dish - Purple Sweet Potato Rice Ball


LSS Dish –Wolfberry, Quinoa and Dark Chocolate


LSS Dish - Healthy version of Salt and Pepper Prawns


LSS Dish - Pumpkin Cake


LSS Dish - Chinese New Year Dish Lo Hei


LSS Dish – Hong Kong Style Russian Borscht


LSS Dish – Chinese Yam Pork Siu Mai


LSS Dish – Pineapple Chicken Wing


Party food - YOHO Vegetable and Fruit Lasagna


Breakfast - Shrimp Sandwich with Tomato Sauce


Easy Breakfast - Banana Pumpkin Sandwich


Low Sugar Dessert - Yogurt Buttermilk Mulberry


Seasonal Special - Japanese Style Steam Egg


Other LSS cooking videos


LSS dishes – Recipes (Chinese version only)
Tagalog version (click here)
Indonesian version (click here)

12 Aug 2022