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LSS School Roving Exhibition

The Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food (the Committee) is committed to encouraging the public to develop Less-Salt-and-Less-Sugar (LSS) healthy eating habit through diversified education and promotion efforts. In the 2021/22 School Year, the Committee organizes the LSS School Roving Exhibition to encourage students to “start from an early age” and enrich their understanding of LSS diet and nutrition labeling. The exhibition is in line with the "Health and Living" aspect of the General Studies (GS) for Primary Schools. It helps schools develop related extended learning.

Activities of LSS School Roving Exhibition include exhibition panels borrowing service, multimedia interactive game and in-person / online school talk. Participating schools can apply for borrowing a set of exhibition panels on the information of LSS and nutrition labeling, and talk / special docent service for the exhibition boards. Moreover, schools can also request LSS teaching kits, posters, leaflets, worksheets and souvenirs for organizing LSS promotional activities.

The school roving exhibition also includes an interesting LSS gesture detection game*, enabling students to learn about the knowledge on salt and sugar reduction through interactive game. The Committee hopes students can develop interests towards LSS diet and healthy lifestyle from an early age.

* Installation, operation and costs are all the responsibility of the Committee


LSS gesture detection game
LSS Exhibition Panels 
LSS Teaching Kits
LSS Souvenir (Magnetic Sticker)


If your school is interested in participating, please download the application form (Chinese version only). After completing the form, please deliver it to the Committee Secretariat (Mr Ng) by email (jwtng@eeb.gov.hk ). For enquiries, please contact Mr Ng at 3509 7695.

“Reduce Sugar Cravings” Poster
“Look Out for the Hidden Salt” Poster
Nutrition Labeling Worksheet (Chinese version only)
1 Jul 2022