iconReduction of Salt and Sugar in Food

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Online Resources and Teaching Materials

I. Pamphlets

Filipino version (click here)
Indonesian version (click here)
Filipino version (click here)
Indonesian version (click here)


II. Information Card


III. Posters and Display Items

IV. Exhibition Boards

Look Out for the Hidden Salt

Reduce Sugar Cravings

Nutrition Label (Chinese version only)

V. Worksheets

Know More About Nutrition Label
(Chinese version only)

VI. Teaching Materials

  • Training videos (6 modules, approximately 4 minutes each)
  • Training props
  • Proposed training plans (8 Key Learning Points)
  • Worksheets
LSS Teaching Kit
  • To demonstrate the amount of salt / sugar vividly through 8 kinds of food.
  • The Kit contains rack, tubes, salt / sugar and measuring spoons.
  • Students can compare the amount of salt / sugar of these foods with the recommended daily intake amount.

VII. Talks with powerpoint presentation

VIII. Audio Dramas

Nutrition Information on Food Labels

Please click the following hyperlinks to listen the various audio dramas:

  1. Get to know the Nutrition Labelling Scheme (wav, 19.7MB)
  2. Energy and nutrients (wav, 60.5MB)
  3. How to read nutrition label (wav, 70.8MB)
  4. Understanding nutrition claims (wav, 57.4MB)
  5. Use nutrition labels to choose "3 low" food (wav, 52.2MB))
  6. Weight maintenance and energy (wav, 31.6MB)
  7. Childhood obesity and Nutrition Labelling (wav, 32.4MB)
  8. Diabetes Mellitus and carbohydrates (wav, 53.7MB)
  9. Heart diseases and fats (wav, 59MB)
  10. High blood pressure and sodium (wav, 39.5MB)

IX. Videos

Documentary short films on Salt and Sugar Reduction

Less-Salt-and-Sugar Recipes and Cooking Videos

Other Less-Salt-and-Sugar Videos

X. "NutriGet" Factsheet Series

XI. Booklets

19 Jul 2023